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alongside men on the front liance. some opponents say this could lead to problems with unit cohesion and combat readiness. >> my issue here is, mixing the genderses in infantry units and armored units and special forces units is not a positive. there are many distracters which puts a burden on the small unit combat leaders and actually creates an environment because of their living conditions that is not conducive to readiness. >> reporter: others claim women suffer more combat casualties than illnesses and pregnancy is an issue. to senator john mccain, it's equal standards for certain demanding jobs. >> i think women are obviously -- are prepared to serve side by side with men in combat. i just want to emphasize, though, there should be the same physical and mental standards for anyone to perform certain roles and functions in the military. >> reporter: many say it's a question of equal rights and serving in combat allows a soldier to advance through the ranks, farther and faster. >> the bottom line is we need to treat people like individuals. what are the capabilities they bring to
that will will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability, and will to the best of my ability preserve and protect defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> second term has now begun, it is just over two hours and 50 seconds old. president obama sworn in for a second four years something 16 presidents before him have done. private ceremony in the blue room fulfilling the requirement that presidential terms begin on january 20th at noon. it kicked off a two day celebration that will bring hundreds of thousands of people back to the national mall for the president's inaugural address. we'll break down what we expect him to say. i'm eric shawn and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> i'm arthel nevil. a crowd up to 800,000 people expected to witnesses the public swearing in. his speech expected to layout his vision for the second term and where america needs to go. ed henry has more. ed, this time it went off without a hitch. i don't know when sasha was hugging him, you did it, you didn't mess
refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences could be catastrophic. our entire economy could suffer for it. our family and businesses can't afford that dangerous game again. >> molly: congress has two months to fix the debt ceiling problem before the u.s. may have to default on its bills. >> jamie: what kind of reaction did we hear from republicans? >> molly: republicans agreed for the push for higher taxes during the fiscal cliff battle now want to tackle spending and they see raising the debt limit as part of the spending problem. they want more bipartisan negotiations and less campaigning. >> it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be in your face term. i'm not going to talk to you at all about the debt ceiling. we've yet to cut one dime from the debt ceiling agreement and now time to do it again. we have to stop the madness. >> molly: chris van hollen it's reckless and irresponsible not to pay bills that are due. >> jamie: thanks, molly. >> gregg: president obama signing that $9.7 billion super storm sandy aid bi
running low on vaccine doses. >> gregg: and france is now saying that the united states is aiding effort to fight islamic extremists, what it may mean for our military. >> arthel: president obama chosen few, the cabinet nominees that will face congress. we have a fair and balanced debate. >> gregg: we begin this hour with the future of america's gun laws, now the focus of a red hot debate. joe biden is getting ready to make had his recommendations to president obama this tuesday on ways to curb gun violence. coming up about month after the school shootings in connecticut, speculation is growing on what he will propose and also the arguments on sunday political talk shows. peter doocy has more on the plan expected to be unveiled this week. is the nra changing their tune on gun control? >> reporter: no, they are not. david keen is still steamed that obama administration is putting emphasis on it. he doesn't think he is tag their concerns seriously. >> we wish instead of talking about guns specifically that they question that they would address what can we do to prevent these kinds of thing
and put the united states government on the proper fiscal path. that is possible. but i don't mean to sound partisan, but there is one person who has been elected the president of the united states. it's going to take presidential leadership and issuing no compromise ultimatums as the president just dis not the way to get it done. that's not the way to reach across the aisle because the republicans do control the house of representatives. the american people put those republicans there. i think they expect the republicans and the democrats to work together -- >> that is the point. the voters did vote in president obama and kept the majority in the senate. but the voters decided they wanted to have republicans in control of the house of representatives. that says something. >> you know, i don't see any appreciable difference between the republicans and the democrats, i have to tell you. i would like to see a second party emerge in which the american people are protected. these are cultural wars that the democrats and the republicans haven't signed on to. they have come together and
action . they do the united states and west will be against them . so what can the u.s. do at this point? >> it is important that the united states will work a dialogue between mr. morce yethe muslim brotherhood. we have done did in burma and many other places, why are we not recognizes a civil society uprise invite the leaders of the civil uprise mr. morce yemoderate between both. >> why is that not happening? >> i think the obama administration has a big bet on the muslim brotherhood and they feel that they are the own representative of the arab spring and now we see on the streets of cairo the arab spring is larger than the islamist. >> do you expect to see stability in the next few months? >> if we try to do a projection and look at what we are doing and not to do, it is sad to say we project more of the same as long as mr. morce yethe islamist has not understood that egypt needs a change. >> thank you for joining us with the insight. >> thank you. evidence that north korea may be ready to conduct a nuclear test. the site near the frevous nuclear test is showing signs of activity. it
substantial and high profile measures this after the united nations security council tightened sanctions against pyongyang after they launched the rocket last month. they will keep testing nuclear devices as part of an all out action against america promising to launch a rocket that could hit us, too. what do we do? general jack keen a general former vice chief of staff to the army. good morning. >> hi eric. >> this is amazing they have another nuclear test it could be the third. can they be stopped? >> well, we haven't stopped them to date that's for sure. we have done a lot of negotiations a lot of diplomacy prior oh to them developing the nuclear weapon. we have done the same thing since they have had a nuclear weapon and haven't been able to stop them from testing. kim ju kim jong-un is a young guy flexing his muscle politically. he wants to send a strong message to his people and the people of the region that he is a strong powerful leader following the foot steps of his father and his grandfather. operationally it is a threat. right now off the cos of hawaii they can reach alaska a
concerns about whether he will ever make it back home safely to the united states shannon bream is live in washington. what's the latest on this case? >> family and friends of the pastor fear his life and death 8 year sentence in one of the most dangerous prisons. born in iran but has american citizenship with doing work with orphanage in iran when he was arrested last summer. accord to the american center for law and justice which has been fighting to get him released he was sentenced without warning for threatening national security because of his work with christian house churches in iran jordan of the acl has been representing the families pastor recently sent a disturbing letter from jail. prisoner there's every day. second, they won't even give that to him. because the nurse at the hospital for the national security criminal, he is too unclean as if like a cass system because is he a convert and now is he a threat. so he is not even getting medical care his wife says with today's development i am deficit stayed for my husband and my family. we must now pursue every effort. turn ev
, a severe deadly strain of flu is spreading cast the united states and officially hitting epidemic levels. widespread cases reporting in nearly every states. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. so the death toll grows. cdc releases numbers, 20 children have died and overall there are now 27 dead in minnesota, 22 in pennsylvania, 18 in massachusetts, 8 in oklahoma and six in illinois. nationwide the grim total may be higher since not all of the deaths are initially reported as linked to the flu. anna is following all this develop by the hour. live in the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: officials say the flu outbreak may be slowing, cuomo declared a state health emergency. flu has been reported in all states, 57 counties and all five boroughs. boston has been hit particularly hard. death toll stands at six including a child under the age of 6. stated public health officials say the flu's early arrival and fierce symptoms have caused patients to flood emergency rooms and a rush on vaccine. nationally officials say supplies are running lo
a president of the united states. why can't you attach gun issues, psychological issue, behavioral issues and all of these factors? >> we need to look at all the facers. there are guns in the hands of people who should not have them. we need to teach law enforcement officials how to better deal with them. woo need to empower principals and teachers and employers. but we also have to -- a lot of tough issues. this isn't easy. this is privacy versus individual rights. but we have tough balances. we need to get at root causes and all the laws in the world won't stop sth this if we don't address the root causes. >> steve? >> i think that's where we are likely to go. i think it will be very difficult for the president to do the kinds of things that were laid out in this washington post peal piece that caused such a stir this morning, to be as far reaching because testify politics of this. any time you are talking about a fundamental right. but you are talking about the bill of rights and the second amendment to the constitution. you will have people get their back up when you talk about potent
president of the united states. your publisher wants more book sales. [ laughter ] >> gregg: how might tomorrow's big speech by the president really set the tone and tenor for policy in his second term? >> reporter: very important. saw president bush try to do this in 2005 to try to move track frankly on your legacy items. he wants to talk about gun control on the days ahead and immigration reform and david plouffe is saying what the president is going to be all about is big picture themes to bring the country together, but republicans roy blunt say some of the early signs, defiant tone of the news conference last week suggests to them there might be more division. >> we have on immigration, gun safety, debt reduction, measures to help the economy, energy, we have a stacked agenda here. i think urgency in the country to address this. >> there is only one guy that can lead in washington that can find a solution to big problems and that is the president. >> reporter: so bottom line is that the president is going to try to hit the big picture themes in the inaugural address tomorrow after
the inauguration parade. that is where the president of the united states will sit with his panel as the parade on pennsylvania avenue will pass by. they are rehearsing it today they will be doing that later on. it is held on january 20th. this year that falls on a sunday. that is wup week from today. the swearing in at the capital where everybody gathers that ceremony the big one will be held next monday january 21st. it happens to be the day the nation observes dr. martin luther king junior day. it will resinate with special added meaning and significance as president owe bhaum is swo-- is sworn in. >>> out of egypt the cairo court is ordering a retrial of former egyptian president mubarek. he is convicted of the up rising and sentenced to life in prison. we have more on that. >>> there were celebrations aof joy today as the judge issued that order for a new trial as mubarek supporters shouted out long live justice. former egyptian president mubarek and top five domestic spy chiefs were convicted last june of failing to prevent the killings of hundreds of protestors who were taking part in th
morality plays. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance we can govern. >> molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> trying to buoy his fellow conservatives. paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prudence to deal with president obama's second term. showing voters what the president's agenda looks like wasn't implemented. >> in the president's first term we argued against big government in theory. huz second term we will be arguing against big government in practice. it is no longer a 2,000 page bill now it is 13,000 pages of regulations and it is growing. it is being implemented. the law will restrict our ability to use flexible spending accounts. it will raise taxes on life saving medical devices. >> congressman ryan possibly a presidential contender in 2016 says republicans should be prepared for the president to try to quote de legitimize them. but he urged them to quote be smart. >> if we want to promote conservativism we need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we have to jeekt the president's proposal. that time might come
have increased here in the united states, but more than half of americans have yet to get the vaccine this year. physicians say it's not too late to get your shots. >> the best way to prevent the flu right now is to get the flu shot. and a lot of people have some hesitation getting the flu shot. the flu shots are the best way to prevent the flu from occurring. >> reporter: the epidemic is two fold, a stronger than normal strain and the dreaded flu season started one month early in december. and the c.d.c., centers for decemb disease control. estimates they kill many over year. employers are doing whenever they can, handing the out masks and encouraging employees to wear them. boston has been hit particularly hard and the death toll from the flu hit six. state you believe public health officials say the early arrival and symptoms have been causing patience to flood emergency rooms and a rush on vaccines. the advice from physicians, wash your hands, avoid touching your face. keep your germs to yourself. don't go to work and don't let your kids go to school. >> jamie: wash your computer
events, you emerge stronger. if anything, we're a more united medical center. i'm struck by the spirit of the people who are working here. >> as the storm raged, hospital staff rushed to evacuate over 300 patients down dark stairwells relying only on battery power. now there is new life in the hall of the hospital as key departments reopen, including labor and delivery. >> how did you feel when the hurricane hit and they had to close the hospital? >> very nervous. all that kept going through my mind, is where am i going to have my baby? i was comfortable here. i want through the tour. i was very comfortable. i was very nervous and then the first day that you guys opened, my water breaks. >> this week, nyulangone opened its urgents care center, which is at the arrest of the medical center. from here, care flows like arteries, out to surgery, to medicine, to pediatrics, to trauma, to obstetrics. >> we'll be able to handle heart attacks, strokes, surgical emergencies because we have emergency medicine physicians and nurses, all of the medications we normally would use in the emergency dep
that reads that the validity of the public debt of the united states should not be questioned. they say, based on that, they would support president obama, in raising the debt ceiling without congressional approval. joining me now to talk about that and many other thicks, former mississippi governor, republican, haley barbour. thank you for coming in. >> i hope the president doesn't try to do that. to try to take away from the congress the power that the constitution directly gives the congress. that is the power to -- to spend, the power to control the debt. i know that the treasury department has announced they are not going to do it. i hope they stick to that decision because this is -- we should never have a situation where one person-- the president -- can put our country deeper, deeper, deeper in debt. we are doing a bad job of that now. it would be really bad if it was not -- if the congress let their control go. >> shannon: you saw the white house press secretary says it is not something we are going to do or are prepared to do. but we have a all right from dozens of democrats i
to attack the united states of america and get away with it. for that reason we have made a commitment that we're going to go after al-qaeda wherever they are. >> reporter: he was asked what he thought of the algerian security forces tactics. some have criticized them for being heavy-handed and secret i have as well. he replied different countries and different approaches to dealing with things including terrorists. those security forces as we speak continue to mop up the situation we are told there at that complex. there are mines and explosives and booby-trapped, this as the grim toll count mounts. here in the u.k. they are saying five citizens might be dead or certainly are missing. norway also saying five could be dead or missing. japan, ten. we're waiting for those numbers for the u.s.. >> heather: thank you. us a heard him say the state department identifying the american killed releasing a statement saying this, quote, we can confirm the death of frederick botaccio. we express our deepest condolences out of respect for the family's privacy we have no further comment. >> gregg: t
the experience now and they are the ones that are saying, hey, you know, let me choose who i need in that unit to get the mission done. this will allow that. it's been happening fwhurk will allow that to be more open and more even. >> congressman, where are you? >> i agree with much what have has been said earlier and with miss sanchez, you know, this comes down to capability and about making sure our military is fully capable and is ready to fight the enemy. at the end of the day, that's what the military is for. in many cases, we do have many women on the front line, the lines are blurred, in a lot of cases. when you are driving down the road in afghanistan, you may all of a sudden fall on the front line. i think it's very important that we give -- all of our soldiers, men or women -- the ability and the tools to be able to fight the enemy. i guess what is surprising is that it's already happening in so many cases that why the president is bringing this forward and talking about it, rather than talking about a lot of the other important domestic issues is interesting and surprising. >> all r
's a patriot, somebody who's done extraordinary work both in the united states senate, somebody who served this country with valor in vietnam. and somebody who is currently serving on my intelligence advisory board, doing an outstanding job. >> reporter: for the record, the white house said late yesterday, no decision had been made, rick and jamie. >> james rosen in washington, thank you very much. pressure is mounting in washington meantime to cut foreign aid to egypt. later on this month the u.s. set to deliver fighter jets, tankers and millions in aid to that country. the first part of 213 million dollar foreign aid deal struck with former president hosni mubarak and now with morsi and the muslim brotherhood leading egypt's government and economic uncertainty a growing number of critics want the obama administration to pull the plug on that package. >> jamie: meantime, there are growing concerns over washington's spending habits here at home. president obama calling on all lawmakers to increase the amount of money the u.s. is allowed to borrow. that of course takes raising the nation's
/11, we have made very clearr that, that nobody is going to attack the united states of america and get away with it. for that reason, we have made a commitment that we are going to go after al-qaida wherever they are. >> in this specific case we are talking al-qaida and the group thought to be responsible for the operation . a few more facts here uma, british petroleum and bp are running the facility. they have said that four of their staffers still remain unaccounted for. on the other hand, we are getting new word that eight british hostages thought to be unaccounted for are believed to be safe. it is a very shifting situation . algerian security forces came across 15 body and charred and burned and said to be waiting for investigation. shifting stories and we are waiting for the crucial bit of information from washington and the state department, except for the tragic case of one american lost that we know for sure, that all other americans that were held hostage are free and safe. we don't have that information yet. back to you. >> greg, thank you for the update. news out of iran. t
support at his confirmation hearing on thursday. >> the airplane, the one that says on the side, united states of america, lands anywhere in the world, i will be proud that it will be john kerry representing us. >> should he be confirmed, i'm confident he will be, and become our next secretary of state. i'm sure we'll have our disagreements which i know neither one of us will hesitate to bring to the other's attention. >> ever since key new york democratic senator chuck schumer softened his stance on former nebraska senator chuck hagel, president obama's nominee for defense secretary, hagel has been able to slowly grow a little more support in the senate ahead of his confirmation hearing and now though, some senators are raising questions about deputy national security advisor john brennan's chances of becoming cia director since at least one democratic senator has an issue with mr. brennan's role in the government, targeting americans that we thought were involved in terrorism, such as anwar al-awlaki, jamie. >> jamie: thank you so much for the look there. thank you. and as peter menti
. they don't have that in the united states 60 e senate. >> stopping legislation by threatening . it shouldn't be that easy. >> it should not be. i agree with congressman. mr. bring mr. smith back to washington and if you are going to do that continue to block the bill where it is open andeb can see it and it is it covered live on television and the pressure is on you. i think it lies with the majority leader who refused to put a bill on the floor. you talk about grid lock. harry reid can't put a budget together in three years. the other problem is blocks on it secretly. there is a lot of things can be better. it is it not really going to solve the problem because it allows them . it doesn't seem like the mcgain levin plan is a good one. it doesn't require the parking filibuster that jimmy stewart made so famous. the main point. if 61 senators want to act they will act. they ought to lower the thres hold from 60 down to 55 . say a majority rules . 51 votes. we will bring up a bill. and it is the 51 percent should do it it is the latest. it is it a good or excellent job. i wonder your thought
to show for it. we have a karzai as president . dysfunctional units that made habits . the afghan sold yirs were killing our own people and hundreds of billions later, the the fatalities and casuallies. it is it a good wor. but there is nothing good about the war. the chaos will claim afghanistan and the taliban will claim afghanistan and our work will have been for naught. >> that is it a sobering picture that you paint there. thank you for your insight. i appreciate it >> you, too. >> and rebel sitings are pressing ahead with fencive. there is a car boiming in damascus . in is follows a deadly crash. it is saying they were set off by rebels. battles in suburbs on the way to the airport want and they are are reporting the shooting death of a journalist. >> and now the later on the compromise point. if you have house republicans sharply divide. gol members are controlling the house. they are outraged that lawmakers didn't hold fast. with the debt ceiling coming up, what impact will this have on the gop? joining me is septemberor from doin dine and wisconsin. >> thank you, uma. >> congr
the rebels. nine months ago the united states state department said they thought damascus would fall in 36 hours. president assad has shown and uncanny ability to hold on to power. when you saw him speaking, he didn't appear to be a man under great threat or a man about to lose power. he appeared to be defiant, thinner than we've seen before but firmly in control of his country or at least the part of the country that those loyal to hill maintain. >> leland, thank you very much. >>> back to washington now and president obama facing another fiscal fight. putting pressure on congress to raise the nation's debt limit. the gop says they'll only consider it if spending cuts are part of the deal. what political capital does the president have left for his next battle and those that lie ahead? schirra is a staff writer, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> raising the debt ceiling is non-negotiable. how is that going to go over with republicans? >> this is very much the first opening for ray on both sides. the president is non-negotiable, he wants to raise the debt ceiling. you have
efforts. the united states and europe press for ah assad to step down. russia backs assad as the violence continues in syria, uma. >> coming up on america's news headquarters. starting this spring our troops will have a different mission. >> president obama discusses that mission in the weekly address this one day after meeting with afghan president karzai. stay with us. stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna... with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪ welcome back everybody. it is a tale of two seasons in the country t
can't get rattled. we won't play the villain in his morality plays and we have to stay united and show that if given the chance we can govern, we have better ideas. >> even after losing the white house twice to president obama, congressman ryan says he does not think republicans are in a political wilderness since they control the house of representatives and most state legislators. rick? >> rick: do other leaders in the republican party agree with congressman ryan? i know there has been a big meeting going on, discussing the future of the party. what is everybody else saying? >> reporter: certainly a number of republicans are finding their voice again and the party seems to be doing soul-searching. louisiana republican governor bobby jindal, another g.o.p. presidential candidate in 2016 said the g.o.p. needs to put forth a clearer economic message. >> we must not be the party that simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys, we have to be the party that shows all americans how they can thrive and whose ideas will help the middle class and folks join the middle class and w
in the united states, but more than half of americans have yet to get the vaccine this year. physicians say it's not too late to get your shot. >> the best way to prevent the flu right now is to get the flu shot. and a lot of people have some hesitation of getting the flu shot. the flu shots are the best way to prevent the flu from recurring. >> the epidemic is two fold, driven by a stronger than normal strain and a the dreaded flu season started one month early this year in december. the centers for disease control and prevention says the flu kills 24,000 people in an average year, mostly the very old or very young. boston has been hit particularly hard. the death toll from flu there, new hitting six. officials in massachusetts say the flu's early arrival and its fierce symptoms this season have been causing patients to flood emergency rooms and a rush on the vaccine. the advice from physicians is wash your hands as oftens possible, avoid touching your face and keep your germs to yourself f. you're sick, don't go to work and don't left the kids go to school. back to you. >> rick: anna kooiman
a global recession. >> congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, consequences could be catastrophic. last time coming threatened this course of action, our entire economy suffered for it. our families and businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> reporter: congressional budget office passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff still leaves $900 billion a year in deficits. republicans say by raising taxes on the wealthy they have ended the revenue debate but president says reduces the deficit requires a spending cuts and increased revenue cuts from reforming the tax code. they do agree it does need reforming. >> the irs tax code is too complex, too costly and too unfair. there is something fundamentally wrong when roughly 60% of taxpayers have to hire a professional just to do their taxes. you shouldn't need an army of lawyers and accountants to understand the tax code. >> reporter: republicans that voted in favor of the fiscal cliff deal they were voting 90% of companies facing tax hike but the 2% that do face higher taxes and they have p
this is to clearly, the president of the united states should say that the blind sheikh is going to die in an american president. that leaves an ambiguity and creates uncertainty and it's something that is wrong. this has been raised to a presidential level by president morsi, our president, president obama, should come back and say, this is off the table. he is going to die in an american prison, end of discussion, that's it. >> eric: i am so sorry about your neighbor. one of the victims of that terrorist attack. i mean, isn't it enough to you, obviously, it's not that the state department says they have no plans for this. why do you think the president hasn't said something? do you expect him to say something, potentially when president morsi comes? >> i think he say if and say it beforehand. those are lawyer-like words to say there are no plans or talks going on. they are not ruling it out for the future. that's what they have to do. last august or september, i sent a letter to justice department, state department and others because -- the department of homeland security because peop
in gun appreciation day and can't tell you how many gun owners inside the united states are meeting formally to recognize this day. what we heard from organizers earlier in the week, they wanted to make a message that the second amendment is a constitutional right, a very specific right for all americans. earlier today we spoke to another gun owner who explained why he came. >> i don't think it's really something that they should attack. if it's our amendment, a second, or a right to bear arms, if we come out here to shoot a weapon or fire a weapon, they shouldn't really put our constitution, so-- . >> reporter: there's clearly another side to this argument. critics have said that the people who support gun appreciation day today really show a certain amount of political tone deafness coming right before martin luther king day and also in the wake of newtown, connecticut. >> kelly: chief correspondent katherine herridge, thank you. >> jamie: so many sides and issue over this debate as gun control intensifies. the president of the national rifle association says he's received hundre
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